Biotin Hair Growth Supplement

Using Biotin For Hair Growth

Biotin hair growth supplements are a new trend that many people are finding effective for growing hair faster or combating hair loss. Although there are still very few medical studies on the use of this vitamin to combat hair loss per se, the effectiveness of Biotin for hair growth is well established. Biotin is a necessary vitamin for healthy hair, nails, and skin, and also assists a number of other metabolic reactions including heart health. Conversely, a Biotin deficiency will include thinning of hair and hair loss among other symptoms. For more general info on the supplement, click here: What is Biotin?


For Anyone Experiencing Heavy Hair Loss: Biotin will help but by itself, may not be powerful enough to reverse this loss and regrow your hair. For severe hair loss cases, we recommend Rogaine hair regrowth foam complemented by a Biotin supplement. Rogaine is the only FDA-approved hair regrowth foam and now has a proven track record used by millions of men (and recently women as well) with high rates of success. The foam was initially intended only for men but now there are new solutions designed specifically for women.

If you need a powerful hair regrowth solution, consider:

Rogain Foam for Men  or  Rogain for Women

On the other hand, if you are only experiencing minor hair loss or just want stronger and healthier hair, a Biotin hair growth supplement alone should be sufficient:

Biotin Hair Growth Supplement


Here is one of countless testimonials on youtube on a Biotin supplement for Hair Growth.


Safety of Biotin Hair Growth Supplements

If you are considering taking Biotin for hair growth or any other reason, you should not be too concerned about its safety. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Biotin is well tolerated when used at recommended dosages. Just like any vitamin supplement, one should not take significantly more than the recommended dosage but in general, any Biotin hair growth supplement should be safe when used as recommended. With that said, biotin is considered non-toxic and even very high doses have not been found to cause significant side effects.

There is no clear daily recommended dosage though the minimum recommended daily intake of Biotin to avoid deficiency seems to be around 300-500 mcg. However, it is quite common for a daily Biotin Supplement of 5000 mcg (5 mg) or even 10,000 mcg (10 mg) to be recommended for more specific issues including biotin for hair growth.

Effectiveness of Biotin for Hair Growth

Customer reviews on neutral sites such as Amazon almost universally report very positive results using many Biotin hair growth supplements and products. Here are just a couple of excepts from many positive customer reviews for: NOW Foods Biotin 5000mcg, 120 Vcaps

[…] The front of my hair has started filling in, and my hair is much thicker in those places where I had noticed some hair loss.

– January 13, 2010, from a customer taking Biotin tablets for two months.

[…] a Dermatologist recommended it for thinning hair. Working well. I was loosing hair and was told my hair needed more protein.

– April 12, 2011, from a customer after one month of taking Biotin

Note that this product is not specifically a Biotin hair growth supplement. It is a general dietary supplement but clearly many people are having success using Biotin for hair growth. Overall, the reviews for Biotin are extremely positive. At the time of this writing, of the 55 total reviews for this Biotin supplement, 63% are 5-star reviews, 23% 4-stars (total 86% 4 and 5 star reviews), with not a single 1-star review on this product.

Some reviewers note that when taking a biotin hair growth remedy or supplement, make sure to stay hydrated (drink enough water and fluids) to help avoid cystic acne which can be a side effect for some. On the other hand, the vast majority of reviewers noticed “glowing”, smoother,  and healthier skin complection. Almost all of the reviewers taking Biotin were pleasantly surprised by other benefits in addition to the original reason they started taking it, such as increased energy during the day, better sleep at night, healthier shiny and wrinkle-free skin, stronger nails, shiny healthy hair, and of course, increased hair growth. In fact, most of the reviewers were not taking it specifically as a Biotin hair growth remedy. Clearly Biotin has a great number of positive health effects and Biotin for hair growth is just one of many uses.

Conclusion on Biotin Hair Growth Effectiveness

Biotin for hair growth is just one of the effective uses that this powerful supplement can provide. It is an inexpensive and safe vitamin supplement that will likely show many positive effects beyond the original reason you started taking it. Though supplements are likely the most effective, there are a couple Biotin-based shampoos and cremes that have been proven effective for many people.

If you are experiencing hair loss, a Biotin hair growth supplement should be one of the first remedies you try because it is easy, safe, cheap, and can always be combined with other hair growth products or hair loss remedies.

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